About Brighton Wolves

Our History

The Brighton Wolves Basketball Club Inc. was established in the late 1990’s by the McKinnon Basketball Association (MBA) to take advantage of children wanting to play basketball in the Brighton and Bayside surrounding areas.


Our Mission & Philosophy

Today the not-for-profit Club is run by an independent elected board and aims to offer a safe friendly environment for children to learn, develop and play basketball. The Wolves offer basketball to school age children – Under 9’s right through to adults in the Over 35’s Competition.

The Brighton Wolves is a family orientated club, and actively promote the playing of basketball within friendship groups. 


We have designed our web site to answer as many questions as possible, and we welcome feedback on it.

If you need clarification on anything, please visit our Resources page or don’t hesitate to contact any member on our Committee listed on our Contact page.


The Brighton Wolves play under the McKinnon Basketball Association (MBA).

The MBA is made up of nine main clubs being:

  • Brighton Wolves
  • Bentleigh Lakers
  • Carnegie Basketball Club
  • Oakleigh Raptors
  • Ormond Jets
  • Raptors Basketball Club
  • Saints Basketball Club
  • St. Finbar Scalpers
  • South East Warriors

In terms of size the Brighton Wolves are a top 3 club in the MBA with well over 800 players currently registered and growing.

The Wolves play two seasons per year which coincide with the school terms:

  • Summer season runs during the 4th & 1st school terms.
  • Winter season runs through the 2nd & 3rd school terms.

And remember…

“The Strength of the Wolf is in the Pack”


Do you have some free time?

We are keen for volunteers to help run our Club!  If you have capacity to take on a game day role such as Team Manager or Coach, or you would like to support our committee, we would love to hear from you! Please email [email protected]