Junior Coach Payments

At the end of every season we offer all of our junior coaches a small cash payment per team as a thank-you for helping out in the club. If you feel that you qualify please fill out the form below and follow the instructions given.

Wolves Junior Coach Payment Form



Refund Requests

If you are applying for any type of refund you will need to complete the Refund Form below and follow the instructions contained in the form.

If you are requesting a refund for any reason other than registration fees you will need to complete the form and provide the Wolves with a copy of the applicable receipt. For example, approved coach courses etc.

If you are applying for a refund of registration fees there are a couple of points that you need to be aware of. There are 3 elements that will get refunded to you separately:

  • The Wolves registration fee will be refunded by us, and if it is a full refund we will mark the registration as cancelled in PlayHQ. Please fill out the Refund Form below.
  • Only once the Wolves registration has been cancelled can you apply to the MBA at [email protected] for a refund of the door fee.
  • Once the MBA have refunded the door fee you will be able to apply to Basketball Victoria to refund the Player License Fee if applicable.Parents can complete the following refund request form. BV will then check this off with the MBA (to ensure all of the information provided is correct) and be in contact with them with the outcome of their request. https://www.cognitoforms.com/BasketballVictoria1/BasketballVictoriaFeeRefundRequest

 Wolves Refund Request Form

Do you have some free time?

We are keen for volunteers to help run our Club!  If you have capacity to take on a game day role such as Team Manager or Coach, or you would like to support our committee, we would love to hear from you! Please email [email protected]