Welcome to the Wolves!

We are a local sporting club reliant on volunteers.

Once registered, teams are allocated a training venue and time. Teams nominate a Team Manager and are responsible for supplying their own coach. GO WOLVES!!!


Note: We play under the McKinnon Basketball Association (MBA) competition.

We register the following Age Groups/Teams:

  • U8 Mixed, U8 Girls (Junior)
  • U10-20 Boys (Junior)
  • U10 to U18 Girls (Junior)
  • Open Women’s, Open Men’s (Senior)
  • Over 35’s Men’s, Over 30’s Women’s* (no team currently)


Saturday: U8 Mixed, U10 – U18 Boys

Sunday: U8 – U18 Girls, U20 boys, Open Women’s

Wednesday: Over 35’s Men’s


The Season is played across the Victorian School Term 4 2023 and Term 1 2024.

  • Round 1 to 15: Weekends of 7/8 October 2023 until 2/3 March 2024
  • Break between 18th December 2023 to 29th January 2024
  • Finals: 16/17 March 2024 to 23/24 March
  • No games during Melbourne Cup and Labour Day long weekends


Junior: $449

Senior: $293

Junior Fee breakdown: Wolves Fees $330 + MBA Door Fee $90 + BV License (payable only once a year) $29

Senior Fee breakdown: Wolves Fees $205 + MBA Door Fee $45 + BV (payable only once a year) $43


Register as a Player:

  • If you are NEW or RETURNING to the Wolves, we will do our best to allocate you to a team with places available in the Summer Season
  • If you wish to register against an Existing Team, please get in touch with the Team Manager who will provide you with a specific link to register against.

Register as a Team Manager:

  • Please ensure you register as Team Manager in PlayHQ
  • Please provide Working with Children check (WWC) details
  • No charge to register

Register as a Coach:

  • Please ensure you register as Team Manager in PlayHQ
  • Please provide WWC details
  • No charge to register

Register a New Team


When and where are the games played?

Weekend competition games will start at approximately 8:15am and finish at approximately 8pm, with the youngest age group first.

Wednesday’s competition games start from approx.. 7pm and finish approx. 10pm.

The MBA do the fixtures.

Games are generally played in the local Bayside area, for example at Brighton Secondary College, Bentleigh Secondary College, GESAC, Mckinnon Secondary College. Occasionally when there is limited court availability, games have been scheduled at Monash University, Clayton Campus.

When will training be?

Training is scheduled after school hours Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings (Girls Team). Existing teams generally get the same training time as the previous season. At the time of registration, we cannot confirm which day, time or place training will occur.

Please register on the basis that training can occur on any day of the week and at any time (other than during school hours).

Why can’t you tell me which day of the week or where training will occur?

Training venues depend on team and court availability.

We won’t have an idea of team numbers until after registration closes. When registrations close, we begin the task of allocating participants to teams. Once teams form we being allocating teams to training venues.

We hire courts from local schools and work with them to gain court access. With the large number of teams in our club, court access is very limited.

We tend to provide existing teams first choice in selecting or retaining their preferred training time and venue. If you have been allocated to an existing team, you will train at their time.

Why do you close Registrations so early?

Summer Player registrations closes 10 September 2023. On 18 September we must provide the MBA with our finalised team lists. This provides the MBA with time to set up for the new season commencing 7 October 2023.

Why can’t you tell me exactly what time the Games will be played?

The Brighton Wolves Basketball Club plays under the Mckinnon Basketball Association (MBA). The MBA is responsible for scheduling fixtures for the competition.

Who will I be playing against in the Competition?

The Brighton Wolves Basketball Club plays under the Mckinnon Basketball Association (MBA) – see: https://www.mckinnonbasketball.org/competition . We play against other clubs in the Glen Eira, Bayside, City of Kingston areas.

Who will Coach my team?

Being a community based, not for profit, we rely on parent or other volunteers to coach our teams. Once a team is formed after registration, it is up to the team to find a coach. The Club may be able to support by enquiring through its network.

Are you interested? You don’t need to be a professional or experienced player for this role! But the team needs you to lead some drills, provide some game tactics and instructions, and have some fun! We are always short on coaches.

The Club is happy to support Junior Coaches – generally 20 years and under with a sibling already playing in a club team. It is a great development opportunity for our young members!

What is the role of the Team Manager?

Every team needs a Team Manager. Once a team is formed, it is up to the team to appoint someone as Team Manager. This is an important role as the Club occasionally provides important information which needs to be passed on to the teams. This role is a volunteer position. Existing teams may consider sharing the role over the seasons.

The success and cohesiveness of this team relies on this important role. Duties include communicating Club information to the team, ensuring enough players for each game, informing the team of training and game times. If you are able to be a Team Manager this season, please register at the same time as registering your player.

What does the Registration Fee cover?

The Fee covers training and games across Term 4 2023 and Term 1 2024.

A portion of the Fee goes to the MBA to run the competition.

Your fee covers referees, hiring of venues for training and games, Basketball Victoria fees and general administrative costs associated with running a local sporting club.

What is not included in the Registration Fee?

How do you allocate new players to teams?

Firstly we offer existing teams the chance to re-register their teams.

Any registrations not linked to a team, will be allocated by the committee taking into account skill level, any school or friendship requests, any Team Manager feedback and team vacancies.

What if I’m not happy with the team I have been allocated to?

We do our best to allocate participants to teams taking into account team vacancies, individual skill capabilities, friendship groups and any Team Manager requests. In the first instance, discuss with your Team Manager. You can then contact our Club Manager who may be able to assist by looking if there are any other vacancies across other teams.

Please register on the basis that the participant is happy to play for any Wolves team. As you can imagine allocating 1000 players across 100+ teams is a monumental task. The small number of committee members do the best they can.

If you know a Team Manager and they have confirmed they will accept you in their team, please contact our Club Manager who can assist with this allocation.

What if I want a refund?

By registering as a player, you must assume training can occur on any of the days of the week. We cannot provide a refund if you are unhappy with the training time.

Similarly, we cannot provide you with a refund if you are unhappy with your team allocation.

Refunds will only be provided at the Treasurer’s discretion and in exceptional circumstances. This is because the refund process is extremely cumbersome and requires reciprocal approvals and refunds from the MBA and Basketball Victoria.

It is important that when you are registering with the Wolves, that you register on the basis of the participant being willing to be allocated to an age and skill appropriate team with training occurring on any day and games at any time.

Will you accept Late Registration?

Late registrations may be considered based on existing team numbers and vacancies. Generally, we will only know this after registrations close and the allocation process commences. If you contact us after 15 September 2023, we may be able to assist. Please note training is scheduled to commence Monday 2 October and first games will be played Saturday 7th October. 

How many players are allocated to a Team?

Teams generally have minimum 8 players and up to a maximum of 9 players.